I feel like I should be passing this out on little cards to everyone I meet.

Sometimes questions are more important than answers.
Nancy Willard (via observando)

Such is the price of leaving by Whitney Justesen on Flickr.
In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own.
Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life (via observando)

Porcelain Cup - Stripe Pattern
Because our addictions are our distractions.
Six Word Story (via faded-and-dreaming)
It is (often) the quiet gesture which carries the most significance - the one which suddenly directs the symphony.
Mary Anne Radmacher (via observando)
I’ve always hated the ‘Who are you?’ question. This is a philosophical inquiry. Answering that question is why we’re on earth. You can’t answer it in thirty seconds or in an elevator.
Sandy Nathan, Numenon (via observando)